READ This First!

READ This First!


  9 Questions To Ask Before Selecting An Online School

For many completing an online real estate license course is becoming increasingly attractive. The flexibility and convenience of online courses allow those juggling work and family responsibilities to advance their careers and education without putting their lives on hold. Finding a reputable, online school that offers a course that meets your needs requires doing some homework. Here are eight questions you need to ask before you choose a school. 

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1. Does the school offer "Florida Specific" courses? 
If you’re considering obtaining a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker license, does the course offer Florida specific material that prepares you for the state exam? 

2. Are the courses challenging and rigorous enough? 
Getting your real estate license requires a significant investment of time and money, be sure to find out all you can about the coursework, quality of resources, and course requirements. Easy isn’t a good thing in this instance—you want to know that you’ve successfully completed a demanding course that prepares you for the state exam. 

3. Is the school licensed/permitted in the state of Florida? 
Online schools should have Florida permits, just like campus-based schools. A good online school will have Florida Specific course material. 

4. How does the course program work, what is the learning process? 
Be sure you understand how you’ll be expected to study, learn, and complete quizzes and exams. 

5. How much will it cost? 
Some online schools charge rates twice as high as those of other schools without offering more. Compare what you will be getting for the price of the course. No matter what you decide to pay, insure that the course prepares you as much as possible to pass the state exam. 

6. What type of help and support does the school offer its enrolled students? 
Because the student won’t be in a classroom, it is important to make sure that the school provides the necessary support. Ask how a student will be able to communicate with an advisor, and who will be available to provide extra support if needed? 

7. What kind of time commitment will the program demand? 
Going to school online demands that you study independently and motivate yourself to complete your studies, so make sure you’re ready to put in the time and effort needed to be successful. Completing a course isn’t meant to be easy, so be prepared for hard work. 

8. Does the school you’re considering prepare you for licensure and beyond? 
You’ll want to make sure that your investment will lead you toward obtaining the license you are pursuing. Be sure to find out if the school you’re considering offers all the post license and continuing education courses you need after obtaining your Florida license. 

9: Is online courses right for me? 
Online courses bring together the flexibility of learning from wherever an Internet connected computer is located and the standards of a course taught in a face-to-face setting in a classroom. Students can login to their courses any hour of the day and any day of the week, so they are not bound by scheduling conflicts presented with in-person instruction. In return for this flexibility, students must take responsibility for their learning by using time management skills, keeping up with the readings and quizzes and by logging in to the course management system on a regular basis to get class information and progress through the material. The online course has an easy to use interface. If you can surf the web and communicate by email, you already have the basic skills needed to succeed in an online course. Because of the emphasis placed on self-directed learning with an online course, there are several things you will want to consider before determining if the program is right for you. 

If you can say yes to most of these statements, then chances are you will succeed in an online course: 

* I usually read directions very carefully. 
* I can open files on my computer. 
* I manage my time effectively and always meet deadlines without having to be reminded. 
* I can read class material and apply the concepts based on that reading. 
* I have regular access to a computer with high speed Internet access. 
* I will allot specific study time to my online class. 
* I am willing to figure things out on my own, but am also comfortable asking an instructor for help as soon as I need it. 
* I feel that I have the self-discipline needed to learn without face-to-face interaction. 
* I am willing to dedicate the same amount of time and effort to an online class that I would to a classroom-based course. 
* I have the necessary time-management skills that would enable me to balance online coursework with my professional and personal responsibilities. 


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** What to do when you are done with a course! 

While still logged into your course, please refer to the "Course Completion Instructions" for specific details. "Course Completion Instructions" are located on the right side of your course homepage. 


Stewart School of Real Estate will provide a certificate of completion for your records. If your course is the Pre-License (FREC Course 1) or Broker License (FREC Course II), you will submit the certificate to the test center (Pearson VUE) when you are ready to take your State Licensing Exam. 

Once you have applied with the state of Florida and your application has been approved, you have two years to use your licensing education to take your Licensing exam. 

Insure you follow all instructions when taking the course exam. If you have any questions please contact the school at (407) 519-0946 prior to starting the course. 

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